As a leading system integrator in Ukraine iSolutions is investing and building R&D capacity to deliver products and services in EU through Horizon Europe Tenders and collaboration for innovation , iSolutions LLC has achieved to participate in several H2020 and Horizon Europe projects as a peer partner in Ukraine and as a third party through open call procedures, and in national projects

With the help of our engineers who have been trained on the basis of our vendors, we can provide comprehensive technical support to partners.

Being involved in challenging digital transformation and cybersecurity capacity building projects funded by EU and international customers, today we have dedicated team to develop and innovate our own cybersecurity products and platforms

Recent Projects

H2020 ELECTRON: Resilient and self-healed Electrical power Nanogrid

In the era of hyper-connected digital economies, the smart technologies play a vital role in the operation of the Electrical Power and Energy Systems (EPES), transforming it into a new, decentralised model with multiple benefits, such as distributed generation, pervasive control, remote monitoring, and self-healing.

Integrated Solutions for Positive Energy and Resilient Cities

Funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, RESPONSE is a 60-month project that aims to establish a strategic vision under Smart Cities Energy Transition: Climate-neutral cities by 2050. RESPONSE will turn energy sustainability into a do-able mission by solving the energy trilemma (security, equity/affordability, environmental sustainability) at building, block and district levels in smart cities.


SMART4ALL is a H2020 funded project (Grant Agreement No. 872614) that builds capacity amongst European stakeholders via the development of self-sustained, cross-border experiments that transfer knowledge and technology between academia and industry.

Next Generation Internet Project

The program brings the opportunity to connect with an unrivaled environment of excellence. A flourishing community of Explorers with multiple backgrounds and the potential to become drivers of change for the Next Generation of Internet. The opportunity to create synergies with other like-minded participants of the program to share experiences, collaborate and even create new partnerships.