The program brings the opportunity to connect with an unrivaled environment of excellence. A flourishing community of Explorers with multiple backgrounds and the potential to become drivers of change for the Next Generation of Internet. The opportunity to create synergies with other like-minded participants of the program to share experiences, collaborate and even create new partnerships.

Next Generation Internet is a concept that involves a broad spectrum of emerging technologies. A list of technological trends that will thoroughly reshape the Internet over the next 10-15 years.

The following Focus Areas have been defined in alignment with the vision of the European Commission. Applicants are encouraged to match their ideas with one or several of these topics.

1 September 2021

30 November 2024

iSolutions role:

iSolutions is building a platform for Energy sector with a partner in Greece

iSolutions Labs delivered under SMART4ALL project together with ORIZON company in Greece SEMS tool iSolutions iSEMS

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