The energy of countries and entire regions on a global scale is undergoing extensive systemic changes triggered by a variety of global challenges. For Ukrainian electric power industry our team is mainly focused at Cybersecurity of Grids, DLT for Internet of Energy and AI, ML and modeling in energy.

The existing technological structure in the electric power industry has reached the limit of its effectiveness and in a number of areas where consumers have higher requirements for reliability, quality, availability, environmental friendliness of energy supply, will have less competitiveness compared to the solutions of the new (digital) energy.

The main changes will affect the electricity sector, which is in close proximity to consumers and is based on the infrastructure of distribution. And the structural and technological features of building energy systems will resemble the Internet, so the new approach is often referred to as Internet of Energy. We believe that the transformation of energy based on the new architecture will affect Ukraine.

The traditional, centralized architecture for constructing electric power systems has largely exhausted its efficiency potential and in the face of new challenges facing the energy sector in different countries of the world.

The most significant challenges for the development of the electric power industry today are:

  • Changing the nature of consumer demand: increasing the diversity and dynamics of requirements and the transition to “digital” demand (demand for electricity with special parameters: direct current, low voltage, high quality)
  • Decrease in efficiency: low utilization of existing network and generating capacities and increase in the cost of operating energy systems
  • “Energy transition” (decarbonization, decentralization, digitalization): the rapid spread of renewable energy, distributed energy, new business models and services based on the use of digital technologies
  • Development of uninhabited and infrastructurally undeveloped territories: the need for efficient energy supply to remote and isolated territories