Digital Forensics

Network forensics, device forensics, database and live forensics, are often used to label expertise fields of iSolutions LLC within digital forensics.

As information technology has become an integral part of all aspects of society and businesses, digital forensics is growing in importance.

Digital forensic readiness for our customers and partners is defined by answering the question “What does it mean to be ready?” Simply put, it means being prepared.

Our goal in digital investigation is to reconstruct the incident and find supporting or refuting evidence. Ultimately, the collected digital evidence can be used in a court of law

Approach to digital forensic readiness

Our approach to digital forensic readiness at iSolutions Labs is that main components to be included (people, processes, procedures, and technology), and we distinguish corporate and law enforcement digital forensic readiness.

Digital Forensics Process

Efficiently execute digital investigation

We help our partners to be prepared to efficiently execute digital investigations and then present evidence to the intended audience (such as auditors or legal advisors in enterprise settings) or in a court of law.
In an ideal situation, we would be able to seize all digital devices, collect and thoroughly analyze all possible data, and quickly come up with a conclusion.

Digital Forensics & Hybrid Intelligence

We utilize our expertise in big data, automation, and computational methods as part of the forensic process.

  • The identification phase can be supported by intelligent detection and identification methods.
  • The collection phase can be supported by automated remote evidence acquisition tools with built-in evidence integrity assurance.
  • The examination phase can be supported by automated data recovery and data reduction.
  • The analysis phase can leverage computational methods and machine learning to identify patterns and data of interest in evidence.
  • The presentation phase can benefit from a wide range of visualization tools, as well as built-in report generation.

Security measures / Forensics Readiness

A computational forensics at iSolutions is not limited to digital evidence but also encompasses computational methods for other forensic disciplines. This includes:

  • Signal and image processing: Transforming signals and images for better human or machine processing.
  • Computer vision: The automatic recognition of objects (e.g., face recognition and similarity to other known images) in computer images or video.
  • Computer graphics and data visualization: The synthesis of two-dimensional images or three-dimensional scenes from multidimensional data for better human understanding.
  • Statistical pattern recognition: The classification into one or more classes based on abstract measurements, identifying whether a sample belongs to a known class and with what probability.
  • Machine learning: A mathematical model is learned from examples.
  • Data mining: Large volumes of data are processed to discover nuggets of information

Computational Forensics

iSolutions Labs is one of the leading Digital and Computational Forensics Lab in Ukraine.

We deliver innovative solutions with a cross-domain impact and enables Digital Forensics Readiness in all industries.