Currently, we are witnessing rapid changes in the modern socio-economic system through the introduction of various digital technologies, and now is the time for us to implement our multidisciplinary excellence and knowledge in IoT, DLT and AI enabling experience to Ukrainian healthcare.

The digitalization of this health industry leads to the optimization of the provision of medical services, increased quality control and lower costs. In the article, the authors consider the process of informatization of the healthcare industry in the world and EU.

In the context of modern processes of digital transformation, the healthcare system is being modernized in the main areas that stimulate technological progress, the use of medical information systems (MIS), the introduction of medical Internet of things (IoMT) products, advanced Big Data analytics and the practical use of expert medical systems.

In the process of analyzing domestic and foreign sources, the authors proposed a three-level decision-making system in medical institutions, based on data obtained using the above mentioned innovative technologies. This system represents a different decision-making approach based on specific, proven facts, which allows doctors and the management of medical institutions to increase the efficiency of medical services.