iSolutions Labs is an innovation driven organization with the offices in Ukraine, Spain and the UK that has extensive experience in the leadership and development of research and innovation projects at national and international level in the technological fields of Cybersecurity, 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), sensing and immersive technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Space Communications and digital society technologies.

Our Projects

The company’s references include over 2,000 turn-key projects for advanced ICT and cybersecurity solutions as well as an ICT enabling and digitalization initiatives

Our vision is leading the challenge of designing and building the digital infrastructures and next generation cybersecurity solutions based on research and innovation in advanced digital technologies.

Our Expertise


The company’s references include over 2,000 turn-key projects for advanced ICT and cybersecurity solutions as well as an ICT enabling and digitalization initiatives


Digital Forensics

Digital forensic readiness for our customers and partners is defined by answering the question “What does it mean to be ready?” Simply put, it means being prepared


5G Security

One of the leading 5G security problems, according to experts, is the increase in the number of possible attack vectors as the number of network slices designed for different types of traffic increases



DLT changes the incentive structure of information shared by distributed prosumers in Energy Grids and patients in Healthcare



In Transport domain we have been delivering ICT, cybersecurity solutions for railway sector and logistics transnational companies, contributing to national Industry 4.0 clusters R&D capacity



HealthCare is our passion and we are taking leadership in R&D within full stack of Integrated HealthCare Paradigm. From IoT and wearables to DLT enabled platforms for EHS infrastructure or eHealth



In Energy we are deeply involved in Internet of Energy initiative development, we are an active participant of law drafting in topics of Cybersecurity of Smart Energy Grids and Renewables



Being active member of Agriculture Digital transformation workgroups we do a research in variety of topics for Farming and Ecological impact and monitoring


Cybersecurity aspects of Smart City Development meet-up

April 4, 2022|

Net Zero and Connected Communities are setting the agenda for the way our lives will change over the coming decades. The new National Cyber Strategy spells out the hugely important role that cyber security will play in ensuring safe delivery of these emerging technologies.

Validation as an expert for European project

March 1, 2022|

As a validated AI Expert we will be able to support low-tech SMEs selected in StairwAI Open Call during Support Program to implement a Pilot /AI solution, especially in: using the AI tools, algorithms, and services to satisfy their requirements and solve the AI challenges in their process, developing adequate AI applications and integrating them into a viable AI solution.


February 14, 2022|

iSolutions Labs submits a proposal to help Ukrainian Innovators in Cybersecurity Actively participate in Transatlantic Activities.  ENRICH Global being a transatlantic bridge can foster joint actions in Cybersecurity and Innovation on both sides of Atlantic

Footprint Conference 2022

January 16, 2022|

Igor Kotsiuba, CEO iSolutions will deliver his speech at Footprint Conference 2022 about Cybersecurity pillar of carbon zero future and RESPONSE

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