iSolutions Labs is an R&D and innovation-driven group, founded in 2010, and it is one of the leading providers of ICT hardware and complex lab-made solutions in the UK and EMEA for enterprises, government and academia, being digital transformation facilitator and cybersecurity agency, iSolutions Labs delivers innovative solutions with a cross-domain impact

iSolutions Labs has many partnerships in Europe and offices in the UK and Ukraine working with producers and end-users worldwide, was involved in creating NCP network, and has the capacity to deliver results as a group and together with consortia, including industrial manufacturers, academia, large enterprises, and SMEs. Being involved in ICT, cybersecurity, and eHealth transformation in Ukraine we have a spinoff company HEALTHYMITY and, we are regularly supported by corresponding governmental organizations in our EU-funded projects and complex business ICT solutions.

Our Expertise

 The company’s references include over 2,000 turn-key projects for advanced ICT and cybersecurity solutions as well as an ICT enabling and digitalization initiatives


We are developing our capacity in cybersecurity and now actively do a research on Digital Forensics Methodology and Malware detection and datasets for investigations

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Blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) have great potential DLT changes the incentive structure of information shared by distributed prosumers in Energy Grids and patients in Healthcare

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In Transport domain we have been delivering ICT, cybersecurity solutions for railway sector and logistics transnational companies, contributing to national Industry 4.0 clusters R&D capacity.

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HealthCare is our passion and we are taking leadership in R&D within full stack of Integrated HealthCare Paradigm. From IoT and wearables to DLT enabled platforms for EHS infrastructure or eHealth

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In Energy we are deeply involved in Internet of Energy initiative development, we are an active participant of law drafting in topics of Cybersecurity of Smart Energy Grids and Renewables

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Being active member of Agriculture Digital transformation workgroups we do a research in variety of topics for Farming and Ecological impact and monitoring

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Latest News

 Our multidisciplinary team has mission and passion to deliver multidisciplinary and holistic solutions for enterprises and governmental institutions worldwide. We’ve been involved in projects with enormous impact and have numerous outstanding references with turn-key deliverables

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