Digital transformation leaves its mark wherever we go: at work, at home, and even when we are driving a car or using public transport. We can say for sure that it has firmly established itself in our life and will definitely continue to develop.

More and more enterprises are realizing that digitalization of the business process is an inevitable change and look towards Industry 4.0. But in any case, these transformations will open up many new opportunities, challenges and improvements in various fields.

We clearly understand our mission to help our customers and nation to pave the digital way.

The transport industry will undergo major changes, as a result of which both the enterprises themselves and their customers will be able to get benefits. And here technology is the main key to convenience and comfort. The following are a few examples successfully used in the transportation industry by our team:

  • Real-time data applications such as GPS monitoring systems
  • Augmented Reality (smart glasses and cards)
  • Beacons (signal beacons connected to the car and transmitting the signal to the smartphone. They can predict traffic or be installed on road signs, sending notifications about this)
  • The Internet of things and smart transport (For example, smart sensors integrated into the transport that transmit information about hijacking attempts or status)