iSolutions LLC has an overall score of 59% on innovation management performance audit

20 November, 2019

iSolutions LLC has an overall score of 59% on innovation management performance audit results conducted by German IMProve Academy compliant with the European standardisation documents (CEN TS 16555-1 and the CEN Workshop Agreement CWA 15899)

“I’m happy to see that all the innovative instruments, vast opportunities we open through innovations in our domains of Cybersecurity, DLT for enterprises and Digital Transformation in Ukraine brought us to that high level” said Igor Kotsiuba commenting the outstanding results.

This IMP3rove Assessment report iSolutions LLC’s performance in the Innovation Management Assessment. The report has a main section with key information on your firm’s innovation management performance and a section with valuable detailed information on your firm.

The main section provides a comprehensive picture of your firm’s innovation management performance and capability. It presents performance scores and compares them with the scores of the Growth Champions and the average for your benchmarking class.

If you would like to explore your firm’s strength or weakness in a specific area in more detail, you can do so by referring to chapter 5 with the detailed evaluation of the corresponding questions.

The structures of both sections follow the A.T. Kearney “House of Innovation”, which covers all dimensions of innovation management.

This evaluation assesses five dimensions: Innovation Strategy, Innovation Organisation and Culture, Innovation Life Cycle Processes, Enabling Factors and Innovation Results. The spider diagram shows your performance on each dimension.

“Dear Dr. Kotsiuba, we herewith confirm that iSolutions successfully conducted an assisted IMP³rove Assessment. We hope that this was a valuable experience which will result in long-term success.” wrote Lisa Berle, Project Leader & Partner Management, European Innovation Management Academy EWIV, Germany