Cybersecurity for Sustainable Development Goals

Trondheim. Norway | 06 September, 2019

NUCC Young Enterpreneurs 2019

On 6th of September, Igor Kotsiuba delivered guest lecture in Trondheim, Norway for Young Enterpreneurs 2019.

Igor mentioned that technology has tremendous potential to achieve all of the sustainable development goals – the critical question is how policymakers, practitioners, professionals can use technology effectively, ethically, and achieve the emerging objective and requirement of cybersecurity by design for the public good.

Cybersecurity and sustainability are undoubtedly two of the hottest topics facing businesses today.
On one side, recent year cyber-attacks were observed worldwide, which affected critical infrastructure and demonstrated the vulnerability of organizations across the world. The increasing amount of Big Data leads to new opportunities but also additional liabilities for enterprises. Moreover, the new regulation on data protection introduced fresh requirements on how organizations must strengthen the privacy rights of individuals.

One the other side, companies are asked to act ethically to respond to societal expectations.
People require environmental sustainability and digital transformation. Smart homes and cities, integrated healthcare, different smart devices are continuously working to make inhabitants’ lives more comfortable, and we are moving and building smart environments. Sustainability of such ecosystems has numerous open goals and threats, all of us, as societies, nations, and human beings need to think of. Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, among us.